KEF T205
£1500 package uses larger T301 speakers on left and right channels for greater power and slam

Now available is the second package in KEF's slimline T Series, the T205. Using larger front speakers than those used in the T105, the system will sell for £1500, and claims better power and slam.

The front left and right channels are handled by T301 speakers, standing 60cm tall and using twin 11.5cm mid/bass units and a 25mm tweeter. That gives them the same configuration as the T301c speaker used for the centre channel in the package.

The mid/bass driver is a new slimline design, with the suspension and magnet system moved to the side of the voice coil, and a flat, rigid diaphragm, allowing the unit to deliver the performance of a conventional 11.5cm unit, but only being a little over a third of the depth, at just 2.7cm.

The rear channel speakers are KEF's T101, and the subwoofer is the T-2, combining a 25cm bass unit with a 250W Class D amplifier.Follow on Twitter Join on Facebook