JBL unveils Club range of wireless headphones with customisable audio

JBL's unveils Club range of smart wireless headphones
(Image credit: JBL)

Not content with launching its first gaming headphones at CES 2020, JBL has also launched Club, a range of three wireless models: Club One, Club 950NC and Club 700BT.

JBL Club One (£329.99, pictured) is the top-of-the-range, over-ear design. It features True Adaptive Noise- Cancellation technology which monitors environmental sounds 50,000 times per second and adjusts the noise-cancelling to suit.

The headphones also feature JBL SilentNow which allows you to activate noise-cancelling without using Bluetooth, useful if you just want a quiet moment to yourself.

The headphones use a full leather headband and high-quality graphene drivers. Graphene is a lightweight, rigid and highly conductive material that, according to JBL, allows for more accurate sound tuning. Battery life is 23 hours with Bluetooth and ANC turned on.

The Club 950NC (£219.99) is another over-ear model. These cans get standard noise-cancelling instead of the fancy True Adaptive tech, and they lose the SilentNow feature. On the plus side, battery life is boosted to 25 hours.

If you're happy with Bluetooth and don't want noise-cancelling, you'll be catered by the Club 700BTs (£129.99) and their 50-hour battery life.

Like the JBL One and 950NC models, the 700BTs feature JBL Pro Sound, Harman's Personi-Fi processing tech and both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants built-in.

The inclusion of Personi-Fi allows the listener to use the My JBL Headphones app to create their own Personal Listening Profile by answering a few quick questions. Based on the answers, the software then creates a personalised sound curve that is applied to the headphones.

Fancy joining JBL's Club? The range is set to go on sale during spring 2020.


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