JAPAN: Panasonic brings a feminine touch to the sutereoinsaidohon

On sale in a couple of weeks in Japan are Panasonic's first in-ear headphones designed for women by women.

The new Moon Jewel RP-HJF5 model is the result of work by an all-female team within the Osaka giant, from the product planning and design right the way through to the marketing and advertising.

The headphones come in a range of 12 colours – one for each birth-month – and they're finished with three cubic zirconia gems on each earpiece.

But the feminisation is more than just cosmetic: the earpieces are made smaller and contoured to fit the anatomy of the female ear, and also designed so they don't get tangled up with earrings, whether they be clip-on or pierced-ear fittings.

Medium, small and extra-small inserts are supplied, and the headphones weigh just 3g without their 1.2m cable, or 12g with.

Panasonic expects to sell around 30,000 pairs a month, at around Y2500, or about £15, a set.

Oh, and 'sutereoinsaidohon'? It's the Japanese for in-ear heaphones!

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