Krell KID 2
This £1350 iPod dock from Krell is billed as "the ultimate iPod system". We've been putting it through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype

We're used to plenty of hyperbole in press releases each time a new product arrives at our door, but even our seasoned eyebrows were raised when Krell sent us details of its £1350 KID iPod dock, billed as "the ultimate iPod system".

Given that iPod docks are two a penny these days, they'd have to be going some to justify a price of well over a grand. This we had to hear, so as we were planning the new Ultimate Guide to High-End Entertainment, it seemed just the thing for us to test.

Such a high-end dock obviously needs some pretty serious speakers to go with it, so we plumped for a pair of Martin Logan Purity speakers, yours for a cool £2390. That brings the grand total for this iPod system to a wallet-busting £3740.

So can such a system really live up to its expectations? You're about to find out, as we've just published the full review here.