Intempo WorkMate
Well, that was summer... Intempo gets ready for winter, the season of digital radios and dismal weather, with the rugged, splash-proof WorkMate DAB/FM radio

Even if you are a big fan of DAB/FM radio, as we are, it's not always possible to give your precious portable radio the care and protection it deserves.

Whether it be taking them to the beach (not in England, naturally), keeping you company on a fishing trip, helping you through a weekend of DIY or as your essential partner during your working day, portable radios are liable to be splashed, knocked-over and generally given far too hard a time.

Enter the Intempo WorkMate. It's a DAB/FM radio at heart but majors on rugged, boot-proof build, with a "tactile but tough rubber casing", complete with a splash-proof finish.

The WorkMate can be powered by four AA batteries or the mains and comes in a no-nonsense black finish (though the "orange zest" details don't sound quite so mean).

Available in October from Amazon, the Intempo WorkMate will set you back a very fair sounding £40. Let's hope the radio sounds just as pleasing...