Intempo InConcert
Budget iPod speaker docks are selling like, well, iPods, nowadays, so here's another one for your attention, the Intempo InConcert

The iPod speaker dock market is a crowded one, as our reviews section testifies, but competition for places can surely only be a good thing. So it is that we welcome open-armed the Intempo InConcert to the fold.

Selling for just £99 and available now from Amazon and Argos, the InConcert is a compact affair, with stereo speakers capable of delivering 35 watts of power per channel hidden behind the single speaker grille.

As well as the two midrange drivers you should hear the benefit of an integrated subwoofer, too.

Alongside the iPod dock there's also a line-in input, allowing you to connect to other MP3 players or portables, and a mini USB connection, for direct access to your PC's iTunes library.

The InConcert is compatible with all iPod models, although it won't charge the iPod Shuffle due to its minijack connection.

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Look out for a review of the Intempo InConcert at just as soon as we get hold of one.