IFA 2010: Sony reveals 3D projector, Google TV and Qriocity streaming service

Sony VW90ES 3D projector

Aah, seems the whole press conference is in 3D while we post on the site in 2D. Bring on the headache tablets!

• Sony PS3 update for 3D Blu-ray films promised "by the end of the year" – looks like that original late-September date may not be met after all. Ah, Sony PS3 3D Blu-ray upgrade "will be finished by October".

• Sir Howard Stringer, Sony CEO, takes the stage and is talking about Sony's partnership with Google for Android-driven internet TVs.

• First Google TVs from Sony will be available in the USA this autumn. No more details of wider rollout in other parts of the world.

• Sony will bundle 3D Blu-rays of Michael Jackson's This Is It and Disney's Alice in Wonderland with selected 3D kit in the run up to Christmas.

• Hollywood is expected to release 30 3D films this year; up from 16 in 2009. Sony Pictures is working on Green Hornet and Men in Black in 3D.

• Sony says it is working "very closely" with Sky on its forthcoming 3D TV channel. There's talk of documentary content (including nature programmes) and sport.

• Sony will release a 3D Blu-ray disc of this year's World Cup by the end of the year. Sadly – or perhaps not! – the extended clip we've just seen had no England game.

• We're now being treated to a live performance – being filmed in 3D, naturally – by renowned pianist Lang Lang.

• At last! Sony announces 3D projectors. First model is the VW90ES: Full HD, 1080p with active shuter glasses, based on SXRD technology. No pricing yet. It's an evolution of its top-rated 2D model from last year.

• Confirmation, as we hoped, that Sony BDP-S770 3D Blu-ray player will be in the shops by October.

• Sony will equip 657 Vue Cinemas with 4K digital cinema systems, including 3D capability.

• Sony plans to launch an on-demand video, music and game-streaming service, Qriocity, in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy this autumn.

• Qriocity will stream to a range of Sony's network-enabled devices, including portables. There will be eBook streaming soon too.

• Qriocity movies will be available from all major studios and be available to view for 14 days after download, and as many times as you like.

• Further details on Qriocity UK pricing to be announced "in due course". A familiar phrase already here at IFA. Don't worry, we'll hunt down the info...

• Qriocity music service will be available via Sony TVs, Blu-ray players, PS3 and Vaio PCs ahead of smartphones and Walkman portables.

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