Huawei reportedly releasing 5G 8K TV this year

Huawei reportedly releasing 5G 8K TV this year

The result of chucking some of 2019’s buzzwords together: a TV with a 5G module and 8K resolution screen, it seems. Huawei is reportedly releasing such a telly this year, according to Nikkei (via The Verge).

To say such a spec appears ambitious for a company’s first-ever TV would be an understatement, but then we are talking about one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone companies, who will soon launch one of the world’s most innovative handsets.

The 5G support would allow owners to stream or download large content on the TV over the next-gen network, negating the need for a home network and cable box. Would it solve the issue of a home wi-fi not having the capability to stream 8K content? Quite possibly.

The more typical headline spec, the 8K resolution, offers 4 times more pixels than the 4K resolution and will presumably satisfy the next wave of content, whenever that will emerge. Whether it would utilise LCD, OLED or QLED panel technology is unknown, but either way we could expect high prices.

The Nikkei report alludes to the company’s desire to expand its ecosystem of consumer electronics products, which currently includes smartphones, wearables, laptops, tablets and routers.

Indeed, a TV set or two would fill a glaring gap in the brand’s offering. And one way to successfully enter a well established and highly competitive market could well be to offer something cutting edge.


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