Hisense's biggest and brightest TV might have already won CES before it's even begun

Hisense 110UX 110-inch TV in a living room
(Image credit: Hisense)

Hisense has unveiled an early look at its upcoming 110-inch Mini LED TV that is set to be fully revealed at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. 

Hisense claims that the "110UX represents a monumental leap in the ever-improving LED display innovation and sets new industry benchmarks in multiple categories"; which is certainly no small claim.

We're not inclined to disagree though, as on paper it seems like it could truly be a breakthrough in TV technology. Getting the obvious out of the way, it's a very large TV. We've recently spent time with the 98-inch TCL P745, which was already plenty large enough, and this TV is even bigger. So large that it requires a built-in media unit that connects the main unit, as seen in the image above. 

Getting onto specifications, Hisense reports that it can reach a peak brightness of 10,000 nits, which sounds frankly bonkers. This has been achieved by the inclusion of 40,000 backlight zones, which equates to 400 zones per inch. It should be no surprise then when we reveal that this TV uses Mini LED technology to achieve this, with Hisense crediting 24V high-output Mini LEDs as the factor behind the high brightness, reduced backlight leakage and improved contrast and dynamic range. 

Hisense has also considered the limitations of a screen this big, taking precautions to mitigate glare and reflections by introducing an anti-glare film and specially designed internal panel structure in order to achieve an impressively low reflectivity rating of just 1.28 per cent. 

Furthermore, as this screen is so huge, the likelihood is that not everybody will be watching it from a straight-on viewing angle, which is why Hisense has outfitted this TV with STW2.0 wide-angle film technology. This should help to reduce glare, noticeable backlight leakage, colour shifting and general picture anomalies when viewing this TV from various positions. 

Rounding things out with internal specifications, Hisense has outfitted this set with its AI-powered X-Chipset. This processor will intelligently recognise specific scenes and content and apply picture processing features such as AI Depth and AI Contrast to create a "clearer, more immersive, captivating display effect". 

Hisense will be showing the 110UX at CES 2024 from the 9th to the 14th of January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Central Hall – Booth 18217. We're eagerly anticipating getting some hands-on experience with this new model so look forward to our full CES 2024 coverage. 


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