High-end headphone specialist could be about to launch a phone for audiophiles

Moondrop Miad01
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Moondrop, known mainly for its IEMs and earbuds, appears to be branching out into a new product type. 

Listed under a new 'phone' section on its site, you'll find a teaser for the upcoming MIAD 01 described as being a '5G Hi-Fi Mobile Audio Device'.

What this means exactly isn't clear just yet, however, there are very few 'hi-fi phones' available anymore so we're excited to find out what this device is capable of. Could this mean this phone has a better DAC than mainstream rivals or brings back the beloved 3.5mm jack? We'll have to wait and see.

The closest rival of the MIAD 01 could be something like the Sony Xperia 1 V. Sony is one of the few manufacturers who still include a headphone jack on its phones. The Xperia 1 V supports hi-res audio via wired headphones and wireless options such as Bluetooth 5.3 with LD, AptxHD, aptx Adaptive, and LDAC codecs. 

Moondrop's design choices are often eye-catching and intricate, with some particularly unique models of earbuds and charging cases available. We're hoping for something equally visually pleasing from the brand's first phone

Unfortunately, the web page for the MIAD 01 simply says "Coming Soon" without providing a launch date, so we're unsure when we can expect this curious device to hit shelves.  

We will report back with more information as it becomes available, but the news has already started tongues wagging in the What Hi-Fi? office. This is because, as noted by staff writer Lewis Empson,  very few phone companies focus on audio quality at the moment.

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Lewis Empson

Smartphone audio can be incredibly hit or miss, so seeing a new contender offering a device that prioritises 'hi-fi quality sound' has certainly piqued our interest. Apple and Sony have dominated this field for some time, and while their smartphones offer five-star sound, they don't offer much above the bare minimum. Moondrop has a chance to change this and I, for one, can't wait to try it out.


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