Arcus Music Station
German AV company Arcus will be coming to the UK this autumn, with the release of the DAR300 audio server and Incantare Music Station

Established some 30 years ago as a traditional two-channel hi-fi company, Arcus will be sending its products from its native Germany to the UK from this autumn.

Today the company has expanded its remit from hi-fi to include audio servers, Internet radio, hard disk machines and CD-ripping.

The DAR300 audio server was the first product that flirted with the future, offering Internet radio, an in-built hard disk and Ethernet network connectivity.

But it's the new Arcus Incantare Music Station that will be setting the ball rolling in the UK. Designed to be a simple product for audiophiles, it has a CD player, ripper and hard disk, plus an integrated stereo amp.

The all-in-one system should see the light of day in the UK in the next couple of months and will retail at around £1295.

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