Halfords to install Pure Highway and aerial package to bring digital radio to FM-only cars

Reaction to the Government's 'Digital Action Plan', confirmed earlier today, continues with the news that Halfords is to offer £100 DAB upgrade packages to the millions of car owners with analogue radios.

From this Sunday (July 11th), Halfords  - which sells more than half the UK's car radios - will offer the Pure Highway DAB adaptor with an external aerial for £100 as a "We Fit" package. (Hilarious, Halfords...) 

The retailer also plans to launch its own-brand digital in-car radio systems by Christmas.

Just one percent of cars on the road can currently tune into digital radio signals - and motor manufacturers have only pledged that 'most' new cars will be digital-enabled as standard by 2013.

Paul McClenaghan, Halfords Commercial Director said: "With government support for the switch over we expect to see a surge in interest in DAB from motorists. We have been working closely with suppliers and training our staff so that we are ready to help and advise customers on the how to make the transition to this new technology".

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Halfords estimates the potential market for digital in-car radios to be worth £2 billion.


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