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Google introduces its Pixel C Android tablet with optional keyboard

The Pixel C deviates from previous Nexus tablets in being the first tablet built 'end-to-end' by Google.

This means that, rather than working with manufacturing partners (as it does for its smartphones), Google has been in complete control over both the software and hardware development.

This has led to the company designing and building the tablet in conjunction with an optional keyboard that, in Google's words, can seamlessly attach with the Pixel C tablet and offers a "fully adjustable display" whether you're working at a desk or on the go.

The Pixel C will sit alongside the existing Chromecast Pixel tablet rather than replacing it. It has a USB Type C connector that will also feature on the Nexus 6P and 5X smartphones (as a result, you'll be able to use the same charger across this latest generation of Nexus devices).

So far only US prices have been announced, with the 32GB model priced at $499 and the 64GB at $599. The optional keyboard will be an additional $149.

Expect the Pixel C to launch "in time for the holidays".

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