Google Chromecast now works with TV remote controls

The update hasn’t been officially announced by Google, but technology blogger Janko Reottgers noticed the added functionality after updating his Chromecast with the latest 27946 firmware update.

The new feature is likely down to the Chromecast’s use of the HDMI-CEC protocol, which supports commands between the TV and any device attached via HDMI.

To make use of the feature, your TV will need to support this protocol, and your standard TV remote will need play and pause buttons.

Supported apps include BBC iPlayer, Google Play Music, HBO Go, Plex, TuneIn and YouTube. Netflix isn’t currently supported.

It’s speculated that the reason for the update is due to the imminent arrival of several Android TV sets. These will support Google Cast and come with a traditional remote control, so it makes sense for Chromecast to bring play/pause functionality to connected TV remotes.

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