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The budget speaker market is full of fantastic options right now as you can see for yourself with our look at seven standmount speakers for £200 and under in the latest issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision – on sale now [11th February].

It doesn't matter if you're starting out on your hi-fi odyssey or looking for your latest pair of speakers, a good pair of stand-mounters can really make your system shine if you've got decent electronics – but which pair will be the best?

For two years, the Q Acoustics 2020is batted away all newcomers. But then along came Wharfedale and its Diamond 220s to end the winning streak of the 2020is. Both are put to the test, with an array of brand-new contenders too.

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Not that we'd be content with leaving it at that. We tackle the business of converting digital audio to analogue and that means casting our verdict on two highly capable DACs that'll transform how you listen to your music collection.

The head-to-head pits two hi-fi heavyweights in the form of Chord Electronics and Oppo and, while both will enhance the timing, detail, dynamics and organisation of your tracks, we'll find out where your money is best spent.

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Do you want to take your music wherever you go and liven up that daily commute? We've gathered six portable pairs of on-ear headphones priced between £50 and £70 for you to run the rule over if you're after some new cans.

Or perhaps you want to be more social with your music on the move? A portable Bluetooth speaker is the best way forward when it comes to sharing the audio love from your smartphone, but which is the model that does it best?

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And don't go casting aside that not-so-smart TV yet – if your set isn't in urgent need of replacement and still has a few years of life in it, we take a look at the video streamers that can teach an old dog new tricks with a range of features.

The rise of video streaming could spell troubled times for the humble Blu-ray disc, but two premium players arrive in our testing rooms to offer a different perspective on things; Oppo and Pioneer both in the mood to prove their worth.

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Our regular features are in full attendance too, with our First Tests covering Arcam's attempt to raise the home cinema bar; a sequel offering from Pioneer in the music streamer market; and an imperial performance from Triangle speakers.

Meanwhile, this month's Temptations include a stunning streaming system from Linn and the latest amplifier from Budapest-based Heed Audio – two products that'll demonstrate why they carry such a weighty respective price tag.

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Insider explores the prevailing trends from CES 2015 last month, before looking closer to home with a preview of the Bristol Show 2015, while Playlist covers the newest movies, music and games that are worth a look, listen or play.

We're sure you'll agree that our March 2015 issue boasts some line-up, so don't forget to take a trip down to your local newsagent and get your hands on a copy today. Of course, you can always buy a digital copy online as well.

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utomo's picture

Q Accoustic are too Passive

Q Accoustic are too Passive in creating new speaker. I hope they are releasing new speaker below £300 budget. and they can win again this year. every year new products are released by competitor, better and better. 


Andy Clough's picture

Q Acoustic

Keep an eye out at the Bristol Show wink

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Online purchase


Is there any way to buy the magazine online (i.e. get an electronic version)? I live in Germany so I can't buy this in a shop.



Andy Clough's picture

Digital mag

Yes, you can buy it through Apple Newsstand or Zinio online. Click the link at the bottom of this article for further details.