George Michael and Sennheiser – one last time

George Michael

...or, to quote the Sennheiser press release, the final ever dates – honest! – "feature a stage full of Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, including the singer's wireless handheld of choice, a Sennheiser SKM 5200 fitted with a Neumann KK 104 S capsule.

"As Michael's monitor mixer and audio consultant, Andy 'Baggy' Robinson, noted, before departing the tour for paternity leave, 'Combining the Neumann capsule with the Sennheiser wireless system has thrust the legendary Neumann sound to the top of the wireless domain, and opened up new dimensions in sound for sophisticated live-performance engineering.

"'For me, the Neumann KK 104 has a warm, smooth and clean response that requires virtually no EQ. Despite a loud backline, I can always place George's vocal exactly where I want it in the mix.'"

Just thought you'd like to know...