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Given its success in the standalone speaker system market, it was only a matter of time before Geneva developed its own TV soundbase – and here it is, the £549 Model Cinema.

Geneva describes it rather grandly as "a lifestyle sound system bristling with options and luxury user features". Highlights include digital signal processing (DSP) technology, Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP for wireless streaming, three inputs - analogue RCA, optical and coaxial digital - and automatic volume adjustment when changing channels and during commercial breaks.

There's a stereo mini jack if you want to wire in your portable device, and on the top of the unit are touch-sensitive buttons with an LED display that automatically adjusts its brightness in low-light conditions. A remote control comes as standard.

As for sound, within the Model Cinema's cabinet are three acoustic chambers housing five drivers: four 5cm tweeter/mid units and a single 13cm woofer, each driven individually by matching Class D amplification which produces a total power output of 120W.

In addition, the Model Cinema uses Geneva's "Embracing Sound HD" technology to disperse the sound more widely around your room.

The MDF cabinet is available in matt black and white finishes, the unit weighs 9kg and measures 10x70x35cm (hxwxd). It will be available in the UK from February for £549.

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Your TV can sit on top of the Geneva Model Cinema soundbase


will22will's picture

geneva model cinema

I have just purchased this product and have to say it is awesome much better than the canton 75 which in itself is a super sound base but the sound of the geneva model cinema is worlds apart one listen and you're hooked worth every penny.

Legacy260's picture

Geneva Sound Base

I too have one of these. From the outside it is a beautifully designed piece of technology, it fits in well under my Panasonic plasma, has a wide range of connections and is easy to set up. The sound is rich, strong emphasis on vocals, with a clarity setting, and epic base for movies. More convincing than others I tested which needed huge volume to come alive....ie the Canton and better designed when compared to the Yamaha or Cambridge. If you have the space and budget you will not be disappointed. 

Jeb-Jeb's picture

Hi there Legacy, 

Hi there Legacy, 

There are very few user reviews of the Geneva -  so I wondered are you still enjoying yours ?  I am trying to decide between one of these and one of the Cantons (DM55 or 75).  

Are you able to go into a little more detail about your experience with yours ?  Also how does it perform with Music via BT ?

Much Appreciated, 


Andrew Spencer's picture

Geneva model cinema soundbase

Hi there 

Thinking of getting a Geneva model soundbase. Also looking at getting an oled 4k tv. Saw a blog somewhere that said 'wasn't possible to watch netflix / amazon films thro the TV with sound output via the soundbase mentioned. Can anyone advise on this?



Andy Clough's picture

Geneva soundbase

We haven't had any issue in getting Netflix sound output via a soundbase. As long as the TV can pass the sound signal through its digital output to the soundbase all should be fine.