Focal shows off new Aria speakers, Dimension soundbar and Spirit S headphones at Munich

Focal Aria 905

Focal Aria 905

It's been a busy day for Naim and Focal, who recently announced a financial restructuring and new name as the Vervent Audio Group.

Focal used the High End Show in Munich to show off its Dimension soundbar/soundbase, now launching in Europe, plus its new Aria 905 'ultra compact' standmount speaker with 5in Flax driver and priced at €349 (black) or €399 (walnut).

Focal Dimension

Focal Dimension

Like other models in the Aria range, it has a new TNF aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter with Poron suspension, 13cm midrange driver, PowerFlow vents and zamak baskets.

Also new in the Aria range is the SR900, a two-way bipolar surround sound speaker costing €499.

And Focal has expanded its Spirit One headphone range with the addition of the Spirit One S (€179), which comes in at a lower price than the existing Spirit One, Spirit Pro and Spirit Classic.

The size of the earcup has been increased by 7mm to make them more comfortable, and Focal says it has engineered the Spirit S "to provide an extremely dynamic sound with powerful and generous bass" geared towards urban users who are listening in "noisy environments".

Focal Spirit One S

Focal Spirit One S

They've also made the S more robust to withstand frequent handling, folding and pulling in and out of bags or backpacks.

Meanwhile, sister company Naim was showing off its $200,000 Statement pre/power amp (with Focal Grand Utopia speakers), first seen at CES in Las Vegas, and its forthcoming Muso all-in-one music system.

By Andy Clough

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