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Five-star Bowers & Wilkins headphones now 30% off in clearance sale

Five-star Bowers and Wilkins headphones with 30% off in clearance sale
(Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

Bowers & Wilkins has gone into clearance mode on two pairs of its wireless headphones, including a set from its PX range.

Head over to selected stores and you'll find 30 per cent off on both the five-star Bowers & Wilkins PI3 in-ear wireless headphones and the PX5 noise-cancelling on-ears as well.

The sweat-resistant PI3s are a particularly good choice for those grabbing some much needed daily exercise, now down to £119. The neckband is made from coated silicone and rubber, which is soft, smooth and quite soothing to the touch. It’s flexible too, which makes it easier to fit under jackets and clothing, and less prone to catching and unsettling the earbuds.

They have a very clean-sounding presentation with crisp, distinct highs and a solid, punchy bass bringing up the rear. They have detail and analysis around every corner. Bluetooth AptX Adaptive is also supported, which should ensure higher quality audio from smartphones and tablets as well.

And then there's the PX5s which are a slightly different beast. These wireless, on-ears, noise-cancelling headphones might just be the cans you're looking for for some private TV viewing. No need to worry about keeping your flatmates awake at night. Connect to your TV with these 35mm-driver headphones and enjoy 25 hours of playback at whatever volume you like.

Tuned by the team behind the 800 Diamond Series speakers, the PX5s are made from woven carbon fiber composite arms, designed for strength and flexibility that should see them handle everyday wear and tear.