First UK demo of Tannoy's £35k Kingdom Royal speakers

Tannoy Kingdom Royal

If you had your interest suitably piqued by our coverage of the Tannoy Kingdom Royal speakers at the Munich High End Show, then you'll be pleased to hear you can see them in action in the UK.

The £35,000 speakers will be on display at the National Audio Show, Whittlebury Hall, this weekend. Demonstrations will take place throughout the day, giving you a chance to take in their staggering size and sound.

Tannoy's UK distributor Icon Distribution will be hosting the Tannoy room, with Tim Lount (VP of residential loudspeakers at Tannoy) also on hand.

For more information on the show, head over to the National Audio Show website.

Published 08/05/2010:

Four years of research and development have gone into Tannoy's new high-end loudspeaker, the £35,000 Kingdom Royal.

With an eye to the Far Eastern market, where the company's Prestige range, and especially the original Kingdom model, have proved popular, the new Royal version is making its debut here at the High End Show in Munich.

While the Prestige range is known for harking back to the classic large Tannoy speakers of the past, the Kingdom Royal is an all-new design, from its cabinet to its driver array – the word 'radical' features a lot in the company's press material.

At the heart of the speaker is an all-new 30cm Dual Concentric driver, using a new ultra-light, ultra-rigid main cone with a massive motor system and a 7.5cm horn loaded compression driver with its own 1.5kg ferrite motor.

The treble unit's domes and voice-coils are individually tested and cryogenically treated, which is said to 'relieve residual stresses in the microstructure of the dome and reduce crystal boundary imperfections in the voice coil for greater naturalness and emotional communication of the music."

The crossover between the two is at a very low 700Hz, ensuring vocals are handled by the new tweeter, and at 16kHz the Dual Concentric hands over to the speaker's SuperTweeter, which runs up to 54kHz and uses a dome vapour-coated with a thin ceramic layer for high internal damping and low coloration.

Below the Dual concentric sits a 38cm multifibre bass driver, giving the speaker extension down to 15Hz, and the drivers are linked by a double-decked crossover, again cryogenically treated and mounted on a free-floating suspension system.

The cabinet is build from high-density fibreboard and birch ply, and finished in a combination of wood veneer, deep gloss lacquer and smooth black satin, along with Italian leather for the SuperTweeter's dispersion panel.

Each speaker weighs 120Kg, and the Kingdom Royal will go on sale this Summer.

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