Fiio's fully automatic Bluetooth turntable promises a modern, fun design

FiiO TT13 turntable on display
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Fiio is getting in on the vinyl revival. The Chinese brand more well known for its array of digital-based products such as hi-res players, DACs and all-in-one desktop systems unveiled the Fiio TT13 turntable at the High End Munich 2024

The TT13 is fully automatic in operation, with stop, start and repeat functions, alongside an automatic lift mechanism. You can control all these elements with pleasingly big buttons on the deck, that feel of solid quality and react swiftly when pressed. The sample we saw at the show was still unfinished; we're told the final version will have a sixth button that will let you change the RPM speed electronically. We're told the font on the labels for each button will be smaller and subtler, too. From our brief play with this early sample on the show floor, the automatic actions all worked smoothly.

You'll also spot that there's a pairing button – that's right, the TT13 is a Bluetooth turntable as well, supporting the aptX HD codec so you can stream your records to compatible wireless speakers and headphones. There is also a built-in phono stage, but unlike the ones we've seen in Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2, Dual CS 618Q and Audio Technica AT-LPW50BTRW, it's not switchable. This presumably means you can't bypass the deck's internal phono preamp to use an external one. Fiio clearly expects its new record player to be used with active or powered speakers, such as its own SP3/SP5 desktop speakers, as opposed to a more traditional separates set up.

The TT13 is a belt-drive design with a sleek aluminium build throughout the plinth and tonearm, and it will come fitted with the Audio-Technica AT3600L moving magnet cartridge. A slimline remote control will accompany the deck for playback/operation controls, too.

There are neat LED highlights for the logo and around the platter, which light up green when the tonearm moves towards the record and are blue when on standby.

Available in a couple of months, the Fiio TT13 turntable is set to cost around £299/€300.


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