Exposure adds preamplifier and stereo power amp to its 3510 series of hi-fi separates

Exposure adds preamplifier and stereo power amp to its 3510 series of hi-fi separates
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British hi-fi brand Exposure has added a preamplifier and stereo power amplifier to its 3510 series of hi-fi separates. First announced in 2021, the 3510 integrated amplifier kicked off the new series, which packs in trickle-down technology from the brand's pricier 5010 series. 

The new 3510 preamplifier and 3510 power amplifier components replace the outgoing 3010 series' models.

The preamplifier has six line level inputs, with the option of adding a MM or MC phono stage or a plug-in DAC. It features high quality relays for the input source selection and discrete transistor class A buffers on the audio output stages (2x main RCA outputs and 1 tape output). 

Exposure says the hybrid power supply circuit has been designed to ensure "very low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage", which aims to keep any mains hum to a minimum. Meanwhile, input switching and volume tracking have been further optimised to reduce crosstalk.

As with the 3510 integrated amplifier, the preamp also offers a choice of fixed or variable gain, meaning it can be set up for either a regular stereo set up or as part of a home cinema system.

The matching stereo power amplifier delivers 110 watts per channel (into 8 ohms) and can also be bi-amped with the 3510 integrated amplifier. Exposure promises lower distortion at high power outputs, enhanced linearity of the input signal, and extra smoothing to the power supply. 

Both the Exposure 3510 preamplifier and the 3510 stereo power amplifier are available now for £1,590 each, in a choice of titanium or black finishes. 


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