EXCLUSIVE! Monitor Audio updates entry-level Bronze speakers

The updated line-up claims to include trickle-down technology from the company's flagship Platinum series and recent Silver RX refresh.

The seven new Bronze BX models - priced from £200 - all feature C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium; a very light but rigid alloy) drivers, single-bolt driver fixings, improved crossovers, HiVE II reflex ports and magnetic grilles.

Upgrades to tweeters, midrange and bass drivers
Monitor Audio claims to have optimised the C-CAM tweeter design "to deliver higher sensitivity, greater detail and a wider bandwidth beyond 30kHz, " plus "a smoother, more accurate response".

Greater accuracy is also promised from the C-CAM bass drivers, with the C-CAM midrange drivers also claiming a wider response. Monitor Audio adds: "With improved voice-coil design and more agile motor assemblies, we've smoothed the off-axis response for more articulate mid-band detail and natural voice timbre".

The upgrades crossovers, meanwhile, include higher-grade components and new short-path PCB layouts, while those HiVE II reflex ports - first seen on the RX and Platinum ranges - have rifle-grooved interiors to speed air from the cabinets. This is designed to offer a cleaner bass response.

Another RX-derived feature is the single bolt-through drivers. By being secured on a single rigid bolt (fixed to the inside back panel of each speaker), BX drivers are not fixed to the front baffle, and cannot transmit sonic-sapping vibrations.

Pricing and availability

The new Monitor Audio BX series will be available from August, with suggested retail prices to be:

BX1 standmount - £200
BX2 standmount - £250
BX5 floorstander - £500
BX6 floorstander- £650
BXLCR centre speaker - £150
BXFX surround speakers £250
BXW10 subwoofer - £450

The seven models come in a choice of four vinyl wood finishes: walnut, natural oak (pictured), rosemah and black oak.

There will also be a range of surround packages based on the new line-up.

Exclusive Bronze BX reviews

We'll be running an exclusive review of the Monitor Audio BX2 in our September issue (on sale 27 July), with a review of the BX5 to feature in our October issue (on sale 24 August). A review of one the Bronze BX 5.1 packages will follow.

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