Edifier Luna 5 iPod dock launches next month for £200

Luna 5

The Edifier Luna 5 is an eye-catching design with a dock for an iPod or iPhone, and an aux input for other MP3 players. It costs £200 and includes an FM radio.

Other key features include a three-way, five-driver speaker system that delivers a total power output of 55W. Under the grille lie a magnetically-shielded 5.75in woofer, two 2.75in midrange drivers and two 2.5in tweeters.

The Luna 5 has been tuned in conjunction with Phil Jones, who previously worked at Wharfedale and Acoustic Energy, to create a smoother, cleaner sound. This is achieved with the help of vibration and resonance control technologies, coupled with low-frequency porting and midrange tuned cavities.

Six touch-sensitive buttons and a remote control allow easy iPod navigation and control.

The Luna 5 is available next month from Micro Direct, Dabs and play.com.