Disney's 'Legacy' 100-film Blu-ray boxset is a collector's dream – but it’s eye-wateringly expensive

Disney Legacy Collection
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney is set to release a 100-film Blu-Ray collection in the US titled the Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection on 14 November.

The collection will celebrate 100 years of animated storytelling and will include movies from Disney and Pixar, ranging from this year’s Elemental all the way back to 1937’s Snow White.

The set will feature three volumes containing 18 discs in total, alongside artwork that unfolds like a personal storybook through the storied history of Disney.  

It also comes packed with original theatrical poster art, a lithograph from Disney’s upcoming musical comedy Wish, and a collectible crystal Mickey Mouse ears hat. 

One thing we noticed was the apparent lack of 4K content. At present, only a handful of the movies included in this set have been remastered for 4K, which means it’s highly unlikely that the complete roster will be available in that resolution. There’s also no word yet on the audio resolution available. 

Considering the fact that Disney+ is great for streaming 4K and HDR-compatible content, we think this is a little bit disappointing. Especially when you factor in the reported price of this set…

With a rumoured retail price of $1500, this new Disney collection will definitely reside in the realm of hardcore collectors. However, we can’t help but wonder: Does the future of physical media lie in this type of special edition boxset?

For most of us (but not all), the days of buying individual movies on DVD or Blu-ray is in the rear view. However, a nicely curated collection (or all-encompassing, in this case) with extra goodies and artwork gives an incentive to invest, and it would also take up far less space than 100 individual Blu-ray cases would! 

Granted, the price of this particular collection puts it out of reach for most fans – it’s a commemorative set and very expansive – but perhaps we’ll see more studios put some of their best works in a similar kind of collection in the future. 


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  • F8lee
    This might be their attempt at making up for the losses they have suffered from movies and practices of late - I wonder how many folks will really fork over this kind of money