Denon D-M38DAB
New £330 model replaces D-M37DAB, can play iTunes library or applications from Apple portables

Denon is replacing its long-running, Award-winning D-M37DAB system with the new D-M38DAB.

Selling for £330 complete with speakers when it hits the shops in July, it has digital direct input from iPods and iPhones enabling it to play both iTunes libraries and applications such as Spotify in optimal quality.

The connection is via a front-panel USB socket, using the standard iPhone/iPod cable, and the system will start playing music as soon as the player is connected, even resuming from the last track listened to via headphones.

The socket will also charge the portable player, and can be used for music stored on USB sticks or external hard drives.

Sound from the USB input is fed through the same digital to analogue conversion used by the system's built-in CD player and DAB/DAB+ tuner, while there's also FM/AM capability, two sets of analogue inputs and tape out, a subwoofer preout and a headphone jack.

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The system has alarm and sleep timers, 2x30W power output and balance and tone controls, and will be available in black or silver.

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