Denon 1510s
New models feature upgraded components, will sell for £900 each, with a £200 matching tuner joining the range

Having revised its high-end and entry-level stereo offerings, Denon is completing its 2010 stereo line-up with the arrival of the DCD-1510AE SACD/CD player and PMA-1510AE amplifier, and the addition of a new radio tuner, the TU-1510AE.

Available this month in a choice of silver or black, the new components will sell for £900 apiece for player and amp, and £200 for the tuner.

The DCD-1510AE has features and technologies 'trickled down' from the flagship DCD-2010AE: it uses an improved Denon SVH to reduce vibration, a new master clock to minimise jitter, the company's Advanced AL32 processing and 32-bit/192kHz conversion.

In addition to playing SACDs in stereo, CDs, and MP3/WMA files from CD-R/RW, it has a front USB port to which USB memory devices, iPod and iPhones can be connected.

The PMA-1510AE delivers 70W per channel, uses Denon's Ultra High Current MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit topology, and has a high-current power supply to ensure dynamic ability. The chassis has been redesigned to lower the centre of gravity and improve grounding, and the twin transformers are mounted to cancel out leakage.

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The amplifier also has a 'power amp direct' mode to make it easier to integrate with an AC system. and like the player has both a low standby energy consumption and automatic shutdown when not in use.

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