DemoPad app turns your iPhone/iPad into an AV controller

iPhone KIRA 128 control

DemoPad Software has teamed up with Keene Electronics to help turn your iPhone/iPad into a customisable infr-red remote control.

All you need is the DemoControl Lite app from the iTunes Store (£4.99), and a Keene KIRA 128 IP infra-red module (£75).

The latter is an IP-based network device (compatible with 36-40K IR signals) that enables infra-red commands to be sent over the internet. It can learn and store up to 128 infra-red codes, covering the majority of domestic AV equipment, its maker claims.

Combined with the DemoControl interface, downloaded on to your Apple device, the user can activate any of those commands from a generic user interface for TV, set-top box, DVD player etc on their iPhone/iPad.

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