December 2010 issue + free Blu-ray guide on sale today!

As well as our biggest ever Supertest of 3D TVs, it comes with a free 36-page Ultimate Guide to Blu-ray, covering everything from BD players, systems and multichannel amps to our top test discs.

So whether you fancy a state-of-the-art 3D telly, shiny new Blu-ray player or a sensational surround sound system, we've tested the latest hi-tech kit to help you make that all-important buying decision.

Our 3D TV Supertest covers the latest models from LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and Panasonic, in sizes from 40in to 52in, and prices ranging from a bargain-tastic £850 up to £3500.

Once you've decided which TV to buy, our System Builder will help you select the best partnering equipment to build your perfect home cinema system.

And our Group Test of surround speaker packages will ensure you get the best sound from your music and movies. We've picked set-ups from B&W, Acoustic Energy, Monitor Audio and Tannoy.

As if that's not enough, we've also got 15 pages packed with exclusive First Tests, including Philips's latest 42in Econova 'green' TV, a no-frills 50in LG plasma, Marantz's PM-KI Pearl Lite stereo amp, plus the same company's SR7005 multichannel amp, our verdict on the latest Apple iPod Shuffle, nano and Apple TV, plus a cracking 3D Blu-ray system from Panasonic for just £400.

Music fans are further catered for with a Group Test of all-in-one micro systems, some with network capability, priced from £330 to £765.

And there's some mouthwatering hi-fi to drool over in our Temptation section, including a high-end network client from T+A, Leema's Antila IIS CD player, a storming pre/power amp combo from Plinius and Vienna's impressive Beethoven Baby Grand speakers.

Back at the more affordable end of the market we've taken a look at six of the latest internet radios, the ideal Christmas gift, and a wide selection of in-ear headphones to boost the performance of your portable music player.

In The Big Question this month three readers tackle the topic: "How much do Award-winning AV amps improve each year?" And our Savvy Shopper decides to upgrade his home cinema amplifier and surround speakers.

Don't forget there's still time to enter our fabulous Awards competition in which we're giving away our Products of the Year worth £10,000! Click here to enter.

There's all this and much, much more to enjoy in our bumper December 2010 issue, so don't miss it. Get down to your newsagent now!

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