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Damson Jetstream 1 wireless speakers auto adjust to suit room acoustics

Damson Jetstream 1

British speaker company Damson is using CES for the global launch of its first wireless multiroom music system. It's not alone of course: the likes of Pure, Samsung and LG have already unveiled similar systems here in Las Vegas.

But the Damson set-up does have an unusual twist: its Jetstream 1 speakers use the firm's Optimized Room Audio (ORA) technology to allow the speaker to 'learn' the acoustic qualities of the room it's used in and adjust itself accordingly.

The Damson Jetstream 1 speakers also offer multi-one use as eight of them can be synced together to operate in party mode with the same music playing simultaneously in each room with no delay.

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"Most speakers on the market are cookie cutter in delivering a single audio 'mix' regardless of the differing environments in which they're used," says Damson founder and CEO James Talbot. "With the Jetstream 1 line we are introducing the notion of 'adjustable' audio, which the speaker does on its own."

Talbot says the Jetstream speakers operate over DLNA and use the same frequency as home wi-fi networks for simple connection via a smartphone, router, NAS drive or home server.

There are three models in the range: the pint-glass sized Jetstream 1 Midi, the Jetstream 1 Large (self-explanatory) and the Jetstream 1 Soundbar with two built-in subwoofers for use with flatscreen TVs. UK prices to be confirmed.

By Andy Clough

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