Cyrus now offers stereo power amplifiers for its flagship XR and Classic hi-fi ranges

Cyrus Power XR power amplifier
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Cyrus Audio is rounding off a relatively busy year with the release of yet more hi-fi separates. We were treated to the arrival of two new music streamers earlier this year, and now there are two new stereo power amplifiers to accompany the brand's established lines: the Power-XR and the Classic Power.

Conceived to bolster the Classic and flagship XR ranges, both of these stereo power amplifiers tease "ground-up engineering" alongside a lower noise floor than previous Cyrus power models which, says the manufacturer, allows them to "retain more of the fine details... with a high current drive to cater for more demanding loudspeaker loads". 

Both the Power-XR and Classic models are Class A/B designs and, interestingly, both have the same power output of 87 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The internal components are different between the models, reflecting the range each model belongs in, and the two differ in terms of bandwidth: the Power-XR works from DC to beyond 100kHz, while the Classic Power is limited to around 50kHz.

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Both amps stick with Cyrus's well-known half-width chassis design, neatly matching the aforementioned new streamers and other current products, such as the CDi-XR CD player and i7-XR integrated amp.

The connections available are identical across both power amplifiers as well, and it's an all-analogue affair with both unbalanced RCA line level and balanced XLR inputs. There's also a pair of speaker terminals and a daisy-chain input that allows you to connect additional power amps.

The Classic Power includes a port for the PSX-R2 power supply, while the Power-XR hosts a port for the newer, step-up PSU-XR supply which, says Cyrus, "raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box" and provides "ultra-smooth power for the voltage amplifier". 

According to Ceri Williamson, Head of R&D at Cyrus: “These new amplifiers represent the very latest in power amplifier design knowledge and have been designed with the same topology as the Cyrus integrated products to ensure a perfect match of sonic signatures.”  

Both new models are available to pre-order now, with deliveries expected from the start of December. The new Cyrus Power-XR power stereo amplifier is priced at £2995, while the Classic Power amp costs £2395. 


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  • Gray
    Double the price that I would contemplate paying.
    (And I say that as Cyrus fan / owner).
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    Gray said:
    Double the price that I would contemplate paying.
    (And I say that as Cyrus fan / owner).
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