cyrus streamer teaser
New models to be revealed at Bristol Sound & Vision Show

Cyrus has released a teaser image of one of its forthcoming streaming music players, to be launched at the Bristol Sound & Vision show at the end of this month.

The picture doesn't give much away, but it does provide a first glimpse of the n-remote handset designed to control the players – plus of course the fact that Cyrus refers to 'players' makes it clear there will be more than one model.

The company says that over 118,000 hours of research and development have gone into the platform on which these streaming devices are built, and that the design 'harnesses our network audio knowledge, digital expertise and 3rd generation streaming technology.'

The n-remote is a two-way Wi-Fi device, not only allowing you to control the players and other Cyrus devices, but also displaying information on its colour screen.

The remote will 'also control many other devices around your home', and Cyrus suggests we should prepare ourselves for 'a musical treat that will not only delight your ears, but also your eyes'.Follow on Twitter Join on Facebook