Cyrus announces a pair of Zero Global Feedback power amps

Cyrus Mono X 300

Both models replace the existing Mono X power amps in the Cyrus range. They're housed in a magnesium die-cast chassis, the X 300 delivering 300W and yes, you guessed it, the X 200 delivers 200W.

Cyrus claims its latest Zero Feedback platform "allows us to retain our 'larger than speakers' soundstage, yet drive demanding speaker loads with ease".

The design allows the first stage of the amplifier to operate without interference from the latter, separate voltage and current stages, says Cyrus.

"Another benefit is that our Zero Feedback amplifiers are able to create an uncanny sonic blackness onto which we paint our musical image. The result is an exceptional musical performance."

We'll bring you a full review of the new Mono X models as soon as we get them.

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