Curry's new Logik Roku TVs aim to dethrone Amazon Fire TVs as the affordability king

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Roku has announced a range of new TV models, partnering with Currys-owned brand Logik. The new models aim to combine great picture quality with Roku's easy-to-use operating system, all at an affordable price.

The new Logik Roku come in two ranges: the '2K HD and Full HD' series (available in 32-inch and 40-inch sizes), and the '4K Ultra HD Series' (available in 43-inch and 50-inch sizes). All models support HDR-10, while the 4K Ultra HD series also supports Dolby Vision.

This news follows last year's partnership between Currys and Roku, and the more recent announcement of the Roku Pro series as the brand introduces new TV sets into both the affordable and premium markets.

Recently, we've lamented how our testers have struggled to find good cheap TVs, with the notable exception being the Amazon Fire TV range. We're looking forward to testing the new Logik Roku TVs to see if they can compete with Amazon's offering and end the trend we've noticed.

Roku TVs are known for their intuitive user interfaces and easy-to-navigate menus. They also offer streamlined access to a wide range of major streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Paramount+, YouTube, and many more. 

The TV's OS also includes Roku Search for convenient searching across different streaming apps and offers a range of control options including a simple remote, a free mobile app, and voice controls. 

The '2K HD and Full HD' and '4K Ultra HD' Logik Roku TVs will be available from Currys later this month, with pricing starting from £150.

We've asked about connectivity and refresh rates and will update when we hear back.


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    Curry's new Logik Roku TVs aim to dethrone Amazon Fire TVs as the affordability king : Read more
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