Computers Unlimited to distribute Focal multimedia products in the UK

Computers Unlimited has been appointed as the UK distributor for Focal's entire range of multimedia products, including the five-star XS Book desktop speakers and Spirit One headphones.

Next to join the line-up is the Bird range of three 2.1 systems, which we first saw at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show earlier this year.

They're based around a central unit, the 2x35W Power Bird. It incorporates wired and wireless connectivity, a hidden 6in, 80W subwoofer and can be used in flat, vertical or horizontal positions.

Buyers can choose from three sizes of speaker: Little Bird, Bird and Super Bird. They come with wall mounts as standard; optional black or white floor stands cost £150 for the Super Bird, and £130/pair for the Bird and Little Bird models.

Every Bird system supports wireless audio, without the need for a wi-fi network. Owners getting the choice of Kleer or Bluetooth aptX technology.

The former works by adding a Focal USB or iTransmitter dongle (£80) to your computer or Apple iPad/iPhone, while the latter uses a universal aptX Bluetooth receiver (£80) for compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets or computers.

Bird systems also get coaxial and optical digital inputs, two pairs of stereo analogue inputs, power adjustment and a remote control.

Computers Unlimited has confirmed the prices of the Bird 2.1 systems, available in black or white, as follows: System 2.1 Little Bird £700; System 2.1 Bird £800; and System 2.1 Super Bird £900.

Tony Jones, business manager at Computers Unlimited, says: "We're delighted to be working with France's foremost audio brand to offer this top-rated range of products to UK retailers and consumers."

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Andy Clough

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