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Canadian high-end manufacturer Classé has announced Sigma, a new entry-level series that sits below the established Delta products in terms of price. The Sigma range consists of two power amplifiers and a 7.1 channel cinema processor/preamp.

The power amplifiers, imaginatively named AMP2 and AMP5, are Class D designs that share much of their circuitry with the company's more upmarket Delta CA-D200.

The £2950 AMP2 is a 2 x 200 watt (into 8 ohms) stereo unit while the £4250 AMP5 extends that to 5 x 200 watt output for multi-channel use.

These are powerful designs that will double their outputs into 4 ohms, so there shouldn't be any issue in driving difficult speakers. Both feature balanced XLR and single-ended inputs.

Classé has worked hard to improve 'dead-band time' - a switching distortion in Class D amplifiers - in a bid to improve sound quality.

New 7.1 processor/preamp

Classé's new Sigma SSP 7.1 processor

The £4250 Sigma SSP is a 7.1 processor/preamp that's designed to be as capable with stereo music as it is with surround sound.

You can access the on-board digital-to-analogue conversion circuitry via an asynchronous USB input (up to 24-bit/192kHz music files) and the unit is also capable of DLNA streaming and Airplay.

Both the Sigma SSP and AMP2 arrive in shops later this month, while the AMP5 will be available in January 2015.

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Sliced Bread's picture

£4300 for a 7.1 processor

£4300 for a 7.1 processor/preamp that doesn't have Atmos?
I'm all for sound quality, but to launch a high end processor now without the latest formats seems a little self defeating.

Ketan Bharadia's picture


I'm sure Atmos capability will come. The unit is modular to allow such upgrades to happen. Smaller manufacturers such as Classé are always going to be behind the curve with such developments.