Chord unveils its most affordable stereo power amplifier yet with the new BerTTi

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British audio manufacturer Chord Electronics has unveiled its latest stereo power amplifier, the BerTTi. Not only does it now pack in technology derived from the higher-end ULTIMA range, but it also shows that there’s no stopping Chord from naming its products in an, er, unique way. 

The new BerTTi (yes, it really is spelled that way) is a fully balanced stereo power amp, and will directly replace its predecessor, the five-star Chord TToby. The new model is more powerful, too, claiming 75 watts of output per channel into 8 ohms compared to the TToby’s 50 watts.

Central to this new model is the integration of ULTIMA-level topology, featuring the latest dual-feed-forward error-correction topology from Chord. According to the British manufacturer, what that tech does is monitor and then immediately correct signals before the output stage for increased accuracy during playback and promises a more faithful sound reproduction.

According to Chord’s CEO and founder John Franks, “BerTTi utilises our ULTIMA technology which continuously monitors the electrical and thermal performance parameters for each of the MOSFET power devices. This… adds an extra layer of control in the power components’ topology that lowers all distortion modes…. BerTTi can drive loudspeakers, from bookshelf types to the hardest-to-drive floorstanders, without difficulty.”

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As with the outgoing TToby, the new model is equipped with both XLR balanced and unbalanced RCA analogue inputs and one set of speaker terminals. There are also two modified power supplies and an additional auxiliary power rail at the front end, providing increased voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFETs.

The compact aluminium chassis remains the same, albeit with a new front panel, and it’s available in a choice of either Jett Black or Argent Silver. We were impressed by how much power, punch and insight the small TToby managed to deliver in our review, so have high hopes for the BerTTi’s claimed improved performance.

The Chord BerTTi stereo power amplifier is expected to arrive in September 2023, but you can pre-order it now for £3995 / $5250 / €4995 with an Australian price still pending.


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    No mention of fans on this one.
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    ‘Chord unveils its most affordable stereo power amplifier yet’. But was the TToby not under £3k when it was launched and also reviewed by WHF?
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    I'm sorry but, when I say it, that name is much too close to BerTiTTy...