CES 2015: Samsung shows off new 360˚ wireless multi-room speakers

The new, as yet unnamed, range is currently made up of three different speakers - the "duo", a stereo pair that will come packaged with a wireless sub; a larger standalone speaker that Samsung showed both placed on a stand and hung from the ceiling (these can also work in a stereo pair, but will be sold separately), and what Samsung is currently calling the "moveable" option, a rechargeable speaker with a handle and 12 hour battery life.

All three feature the same omni-directional design, combining an elliptical driver layout and upward firing ring radiator to deliver sound at 360˚. These are among the first products to be developed at Samsung's recently announced specialist audio lab in California.

As well as being wireless, these speakers will offer multi-room functionality and will work alongside the current M3, M5 and M7 multi-room speakers in Samsung's Shape range.

Though not officially announced during the company's CES press conference, Samsung told What Hi-Fi? that these speakers could be out as soon as March.

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