CES 2013: Sony press conference: LIVE

5.50 And that's it! Sony puts on quite a show. Full details, pictures and videos on all new products to come...

5.45 Sony aims to further surprise and 'wow' its customers with their new products - the VT being shown further expanding this point with a showcase of their product range

5.43 EXCLUSIVE: prototype for the world's first OLED 4K screen being announced now - promises 'incredibly vivid and rich images' - looks rather shiny

5.40 Existing Blu-ray films will be converted to 4K later on in the year

5.39 Professional 4K video cameras being used in upcoming films including After Earth, Elysium and Oblivion...

5.37 Another impressive show of 4K content being shown across the screens now

5.35 The world's first 4K video distribution process is being announced now - this service will allow owners to download and enjoy native 4K content developed by Sony and 4K companies

5.34 The 55in and 65in TVs won't just be for native 4K content, will play all 2D, HD and 3D content, but will be upscaled to the 4K screen

5.31 'We realised an 84in TV isn't for everyone' says Sony, so two new additions to the 4K line are being unveiled now - 55in and 65in screen models at more affordable prices and includes magnetic fluid speaker for 'highly accurate sound'

5.30 Sony's 84in 4K TV getting the limelight now

5.27 Next generation X headphones being unveiled now - same quality as the X10, but a slimmer profile - one for our test rooms, then

5.26 Sony talking about joining forces with Simon Cowell for their new range of headphones the X10 - 'Simply the best headphones ever made,' says Cowell

5.15 A couple of live demos showing how you can use the Xperia Z's NFC and touch tech to push content to speaker products and more

5.14 New flagship smartphone model - the Xperia Z - delivers 'a super phone experience' - with Quad core processor and full HD 5in screen and 13MP camera

5.13 Sony says there are exciting new products lined up that promises to combine science and wonder...

5.12 There's mention of the the Sony Bravia 84in 4K LED TV - more developments to follow

5.08 Sony CEO says the brand has been revitalised with digital imaging, games and mobile products including the 'best pocket camera ever made' The RX-100, slimmest ever PlayStation and the Sony Xperia smartphone

5.06 And we're off! Sony starts off with a rather impressive sensory-assaulting intro of lights, sound and picture.

5.01 Show begins in under 4 mins, says the giant countdown being shown on the screens across the room...

We're live at the Sony press conference to hear all about the company's new plans and products for 2013.

The press conference is due to start at 5pm PST, 1am UK time...

Kashfia Kabir
Hi-Fi and Audio Editor

Kashfia is the Hi-Fi and Audio Editor of What Hi-Fi? and first joined the brand over 10 years ago. During her time in the consumer tech industry, she has reviewed hundreds of products (including speakers, amplifiers and headphones), been to countless trade shows across the world and fallen in love with hi-fi kit much bigger than her. In her spare time, Kash can be found tending to an ever-growing houseplant collection and shooing her cat Jolene away from spinning records.