Digital Silence DS-421D
The DS-421D in-ears will retail for around £99 and offer three modes of noise cancellation for different environments

Digital Silence has previewed a new set of in-ear headphones at CES in Las Vegas, set for release in Spring 2012.

The DS-421D headphones uses Wolfson's noise-cancellation and microphone technologies, the brand being an offshoot of Wolfson Microelectronics.

The headphones offer three modes of noise cancellation: general, aeroplane and office, with each picking-up and cancelling different sound frequencies - using a Wolfson mic - according to the environment.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, the headphones will give you 14 hours of active noise cancellation or work as passive headphones should you run out of juice.

The Digital Silence DS-421D earphones, due out in Spring, are set to cost around £99.

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