CES 2012: OmniMount ActionMounts put TVs right where you want them

If you and your family enjoy different ways of watching TV, OmniMount has a new range of wall brackets that allow you to move your flatscreen to exactly where you want it.

The three new 'full-motion' TV brackets in OmniMount's ActionMount range allow your set to be raised or lowered by up to 50cm (20in) to put it at the perfect height for a range of uses.

For example, you could lower your set to suit children or yoga enthusiasts sitting on the floor (see above), or move it to a higher-than-normal level for games that get you up on your feet (as below).

The mounts could also be used to put flatscreens in a more discreet position when not in use, but then elevated/lowered into the best viewing position when needed.

The new mounts additionally allow for 180-degree panning, which means the TV can be seen from multiple viewing areas within a room.

The three mounts - the Play20, Play20X and Play40 - suit different sizes and weights of screen. Each uses patented 'Constant Force' technology, designed to provide fluid, light-touch adjustments.

The mounts - made from polished aluminium with a black trim - come with cable-management clips to hide trailing wires.

They will be available shortly, priced from $129; we hope to get UK information soon.

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