Griffin Twenty
The Griffin Twenty has a 2.1 digital amplifier and connects to an Airport Express to make an AirPlay music system

The Griffin Twenty, unveiled at CES in Las Vegas today, turns any pair of stereo speakers in to an AirPlay music system.

The Twenty has an integrated 2.1 amplifier and a mains power dock for an Airport Express – just add a pair of speakers via standard speaker cables.

You can then stream your music from iTunes or an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, straight to the Griffin Twenty and your speakers.

It's a 2.1 digital amplifier – allowing you to connect a subwoofer – and delivers 20 watts of power per channel.

The Twenty has a digital optical input for connecting to the Airport Express as well as the supplying the necessary plug for power, making for a complete Airplay-in-a-box system to connect to your speakers.

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The price and release date of the Griffin Twenty is yet to be confirmed.

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