CES 2011: SonaWall offers SonaPod solutions for TV, gaming and iPods

SonaWall Spodak UW-200

SonaWall is one such company, demonstrating a variety of speaker systems built around its tiny SonaPod speakers.

There's the Spodak UW-200 system: forget adding height channels with Dolby ProLogic IIz, SonaWall suggests adding a pair of 'Pods and an external crossover box.

The company is demoing the system with two 'Pods - connected to an amplifier alongside a pair of stereo speakers - clipped to the top of a wall-mounted TV and using the 'SoundStage Integrator' to fine tune the enhanced soundstage.

Selling for $350 the Spodak UW-200 certainly added height and extra scale as you might imagine, though the external box is a bit off-putting.

The SonaStudio 2.1 system delivers a more traditional iPod speaker system using the SonaPods and a rather less inconspicuous 17in tall, 100-watt powered subwoofer.

Lastly there was the SonaRock Boxx 2.1, a similarly specified 2.1-system but aimed at gamers thanks to a guitar amp style design and carry handle to make it easy to move around.

How does it sound? According to the California-based company it "looks and feels like serious pro sound industrial equipment - NOT a toy". So that's us told.

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