SonaWall Spodak UW-200
Proving there's more to CES than 3D TVs and tablets, SonaWall offers a variety of solutions using its dinky SonaPod speakers

CES is much more than the big electronics companies showing off the latest TVs. An inordinate number of smaller companies are also here, often plying their trade a little further from the beaten path.

SonaWall is one such company, demonstrating a variety of speaker systems built around its tiny SonaPod speakers.

There's the Spodak UW-200 system: forget adding height channels with Dolby ProLogic IIz, SonaWall suggests adding a pair of 'Pods and an external crossover box.

The company is demoing the system with two 'Pods - connected to an amplifier alongside a pair of stereo speakers - clipped to the top of a wall-mounted TV and using the 'SoundStage Integrator' to fine tune the enhanced soundstage.

Selling for $350 the Spodak UW-200 certainly added height and extra scale as you might imagine, though the external box is a bit off-putting.

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The SonaStudio 2.1 system delivers a more traditional iPod speaker system using the SonaPods and a rather less inconspicuous 17in tall, 100-watt powered subwoofer.

Lastly there was the SonaRock Boxx 2.1, a similarly specified 2.1-system but aimed at gamers thanks to a guitar amp style design and carry handle to make it easy to move around.

How does it sound? According to the California-based company it "looks and feels like serious pro sound industrial equipment - NOT a toy". So that's us told.

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