CEATEC NEWS: Sony breaks the 1cm barrier with new super-thin 40in LCD screen

sony zx1 series

The new TVs, launched this morning at the CEATEC 2008 show here in Japan, also have Bravia 1080 Wireless technology, enabling them to receive sound and vision without cables.

Sony displayed a row of the new TVs edge-on on one side of its huge CEATEC booth, emphasising the slimness of the product, but it wasn't the only thin TV on the stand: the company also showed a prototype 11in OLED screen just 3mm thick, as part of an extended OLED presence we'll be covering in a later report.

Other innovations on the Sony stand include the world's first 240Hz LCD TV series, the Bravia W1, giving super-smooth images through its Motionflow 240Hz technology, and the XR1 series, which uses RGB LED backlighting with local dimming to give a contrast ratio of over 1.000,000:1.

Finally there's a new version of the company's in-house picture-processing technology: Bravia Engine 2 Pro is said to give "enhanced reality".

The company also launched three new Blu-ray Disc recorders into the Japanese market, with up to 1TB of hard disk storage.

Blu-ray Disc player demonstrations highlighted its new CREAS image engine, now included in all domestic-market BD players for sharper, more dynamic images, and improved picture processing said to give better results with both HD and SD material.