Canadian company Brunoco to launch sub-£500 amp complete with digital inputs

New Canadian company Brunoco is set to arrive in the UK in September, with the launch of its first product – a sub-£500 digital integrated amplifier.

The £499 Brunoco DIVA (DIgital Versatile Amplifier) combines an upsampling 24-bit/192kHz DAC and 24-preset digital equaliser, along with one analogue input and three digital ins: optical, electrical and USB Type B.

The equaliser, the Vancouver-based company says, 'doesn't contaminate the original signal because its full digital – and different from basic bass, treble functionalities of conventional equaliser – precision setting makes it possible to find the ideal setting for your speaker, room, and your purpose'.

The digital power amplifier section has a 40W per channel output, and the amplifier has a white on blue display panel and a remote handset.

Power comes from an offboard supply, Brunoco saying it chose an analogue PSU design over the more common switching type on sonic grounds, 'with ample current and oversized reservoir capacitors guarantee[ing] a dynamic and very resolving sound with plenty of headroom for complex and demanding music.'

The Brunoco DIVA measures just 20cm wide, stands 6cm tall and is 23.1cm deep; it's a featherweight 1.5kg, with the power supply adding an extra 1.7kg.

It'll be distributed in the UK by Audiofreaks.

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