B&W has released a picture showing the outline of a new speaker with the headline, "this changes everything"…

It may be little more than a shadowy hint of the edge of a speaker, but anyone with an interest in Bowers & Wilkins speakers will instantly recognise several trademark B&W design features - and the similarity to the 800 Diamond range. New B&W Diamond speakers, anyone?

UPDATE: Yes, it was a new B&W 800 Series Diamond range.

B&W posted the image on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and we couldn't help but notice the previous post on B&W’s Facebook page was, "The 800 Series - A History of Innovation". 

The speaker revealed in the picture appears to incorporate a number of familiar B&W technologies.

There's the “tweeter on top” design used by B&W on the Nautilus, 800 Diamond and CM Series speakers, plus the use of a sphere enclosure closely coupled to a short tube - again, a design feature seen on the company's high-end speakers. On top of the speaker appears to be a Nautilus tapering tube, as used on the Nautilus and 800 Diamond speakers. 

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We asked B&W for more details and were told… to get excited. "What we are launching tomorrow is the most exciting launch from Bowers & Wilkins in a decade," said a B&W spokesman. "We are incredibly excited about it, and feel that it is the next step in our journey towards delivering true sound."

The picture was greeted by plenty of guesses from B&W fans, with @hifiklubbenaaboulevard on Instagram suggesting , "Uhhhh new 800 Dia mk3”, while Ian Haas on Facebook predicted it would be a “60th Anniversary 800 Diamond Line Series Baby!”.

We won’t have to wait long to find out.

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ellisdj's picture

looks like a 800 Diamond

looks like a 800 Diamond Active

Marc Dostie's picture

It does look like there is a

It does look like there is a heatsink in the back...

blugrass's picture

Not just active, digital

Not just active, digital crossover and DAC ;p

branon's picture

Joint announcement with Apple?

Highly unlikely.

My bet is that they are finally getting into the wireless game (other than their single solution boxes of course).

ellisdj's picture

How can it be wireless

How can it be wireless without being active?

AlbaBrown's picture

Such an apt headline

"This changes everything" is so apt for B&W speakers, I have yet to hear a pair (regardless of price point) that didn't stamp their character all over the music. 

Frank Harvey's picture


I think you'll find these a little different Albabrown...

jerry klinger's picture

'What we are launching

'What we are launching tomorrow is the most exciting launch...' Clumsy tautology.

Just cos I can't afford em!