Budget speaker deal: Save up to 30% on Wharfedale D300s

Save up to 30% on Wharfedale budget speakers

Tough competition in the budget speakers market (as well as slight reservations in sonic excitement) may have been a barrier to Wharfedale's 2018-introduced D310 and D320 bookshelf speakers receiving a full five stars, but we still found these entry-level puppies impressive for the money. And the fact they - and the rest of the range - have now been reduced naturally makes them all the more tempting.

Wharfedale says it has improved the efficiency of the production process and thus been able to reduce production cost while maintaining the same quality - a cost saving it's passing onto the customer!

The D310 bookshelf speakers are now £129 per pair (down from £159), while the larger D320 standmounts have officially been reduced from £199 to £149 per pair.

The range's D330 floortsanders, which are less familiar to us, have dropped 30 per cent, too, now £349 a pair..

Those looking to invest in a budget Wharfedale home cinema package can get a 5.1-channel standmount-only configuration from as little as £407 (plus the price of a subwoofer), then, as the D300C centre speaker has also shed a few tenners, now £149.


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