Exposure 3010S2
Exposure is expanding its 3010S hi-fi range with a new preamp and mono power amp

It's been a while since we've seen any new models from hi-fi specialist Exposure, but this weekend sees the first public demonstration of the company's new 3010S2 preamp and mono power amplifiers.

Like many products here at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show they're working prototypes, and are due for launch in the spring of this year.

The new preamp has six line inputs, with the option to convert one of them to a phono input if required.

As for the new monobloc, it's been developed from the company's MCX power amplifier, has a large power supply and delivers "somewhere between 100-150 watts".

The exact spec is still being finalised for the production models, but expect the preamp to sell in the UK for around £600 and a pair of mono power amps for £2000.

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Exposure is demonstrating the new pre/power combo with a pair of Audiovector 3 speakers in Room 212 at the Marriott Hotel if you want to hear them in action.