BRISTOL SHOW 2011: NAT Audio takes hi-fi to the limit

NAT Audio

We've just been enjoying this extraordinary system from NAT Audio/Analysis Audio, which would set you back the thick end of £80,000.

If you want the full rig, this is what you get:

NAT Audio Signature phonostage £5753

NAT Audio Utopia Valve preamp £7722

NAT Audio Transmitter SET monobloc power amps (x2) £16,420

NAT Audio Xenon Plasma Effect power conditioner £6002

NAT Black Reference AC mains cables (x4) £1197 each

Analysis Audio Omega Planar ribbon speakers £14,500

Brinkman Bardo Magnetic Direct Drive turntable £6112

Graham Phantom Tonearm £3728

Transfiguration Orpheus L Cartridge £3677

Ear/Yoshino Acute CD player £4580

And don't forget to budget 10% on top for high-quality cables!

If you're down at Bristol and want to hear the system for yourself, go to room 416 at the Marriott Hotel.

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