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BREAKING NEWS: Freesat high-def TV service to launch first week of May?

There is mounting speculation this morning that the Freesat high-definition satellite TV service will launch in the first week of May, but the company itself is refusing to commit to a specific date.

A spokeswoman for Freesat's London PR company, Firefly Communications, told earlier today: "None of the rumours on the web are coming from Freesat. They're sticking to saying it will be a spring launch and no date has been announced."

However, we have email confirmation from Freesat's own customer information dept that the service is provisionally due for launch at the beginning of May, as you can see on this thread on our Forums.

A May launch does seem increasingly likely, as when we put it to Freesat that "it''ll be June then", their reply was "that's summer – we've promised the service this Spring".

Freesat is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, intended to bring free HD programmes to UK homes without a subscription. Viewers will have to pay for a digital set-top box, satellite dish and installation, but that's all.

More details on in our original news story online.

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